The Perfect Wax For All Skin And
Hair Types

No two skin, hair, or body types are alike. That’s why we’ve developed our custom wax formulas—because we believe that everyone deserves a great wax! Our waxing specialists create a one-time combination of hard or soft waxes for each and every client.

Blue pearl waxing services for men and women
Blue pearl waxing services for every skin type


Go beyond the typical waxing experience. Blue Pearl Waxing delivers exceptionally smooth results. Our waxing specialists take the time and care to provide attentive five-star service, revealing beautiful, refreshed skin and no missed spots.

Experience Gentle Expertise

Even the most sensitive of clients can relax with our gentle treatments. This includes expectant mothers, those with skin conditions, or people who have never tried waxing before. Our proprietary blend of beeswax and coconut oil-based waxes prepares the skin for hydrating and gentle hair removal.


Go bare with confidence. From regular upkeep appointments to prepping for that dreamy tropical getaway, our made-for-you waxing formulations ensure no skin sensitivity, hair type, or detail is missed during your service. Get supreme comfort and expert waxing in a clean, calming environment.


Go totally bare with this extensive waxing treatment that delivers a clean finish from front to back. Our array of hard waxes ensures clean removal and skin-correcting treatments to counter the discoloration caused by too much shaving.


Brush up your bikini line for greater confidence! Get beach ready or a just-because service with our expert and gentle bikini waxing. This waxing treatment covers the inner thigh to the top of the bikini line in the front.


Tame your brows and say goodbye to unwanted facial hair with Blue Pearl’s expert facial waxing. Or, opt for body hair removal and get customizable waxing services for arms, legs, back, chest, and more.


Leave itchy stubble and coarse hair behind for good with waxing services tailored exclusively for men. Get chest, back, and stomach waxing, with a specialized menu that includes bikini waxing, if desired.

The Ultimate Benefits Of Waxing

It’s time to drop your shaving habit for good! The friction caused by shaving can cause razor burn, shaving bumps, and pesky ingrown hairs. Luckily, regular waxing gradually improves both the texture of your skin and hair over time. Hair is cleanly removed at the root leaving behind smoother skin with less effort than shaving.

With waxing, you can wear and bare what you want with confidence. Waxing provides a longer window of time for you to enjoy smooth skin before regrowth. See our aftercare FAQs to learn how to care for your skin until your next waxing session.

Luxury Waxing For
Kingston, PA

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Blue Pearl Waxing Studio is located in the Kingston borough of NE Pennsylvania. Relax into our care and discover an exclusive and unforgettable wax from our unique Blue Pearl hard and soft wax combinations. Our exclusive waxing focus means you’ll never be rushed through a service to make room for another client. Let us make you comfortable—whether it’s a simple brow wax or your first Brazilian.