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Blue Pearl Waxing
Hair Removal Service

Blue Pearl Waxing is the most dedicated and reputable waxing hair removal service provider in Kingston, Pennsylvania, and the greater northeast. Known for extensive body waxing services and exceptional customer service, Blue Pearl enjoys a high volume of satisfied regular clients.

Meet Liza Hassan

Blue Pearl Owner &
Waxing Practitioner

Liza, our passionate founder, opened her first waxing studio to fuse her love of people with a long-awaited dream. Liza discovered her gift for aesthetics in Syria where she worked in salons as a young woman. Liza continued working in salons, moving to Russia and later the United States, where she and her son Louie relocated to pursue her dream of owning a salon.

With only $100 to her name, Liza worked hard to learn English, attend cosmetology school, and gain her esthetician’s license. She was immersed in all aspects of salon service, including makeup and esthetics, which opened the door to waxing.

After pioneering her first waxing program at a spa in 2006, the passion clicked immediately. As lead waxer and consultant for many salons over the next six years, Liza honed her expertise with diligence and charisma: sharing crucial waxing education with her clients. Addressing the gap in waxing aftercare education for men and women is Lisa’s mission.   

Liza’s dream of owning a salon came true in 2014 when she opened Blue Pearl Waxing in Kingston, Pennsylvania. Her small business expanded rapidly in the early years. Now a skilled waxing practitioner with 30 years of experience, Liza anticipates expanding her salon in 2023 to serve greater Pennsylvania with more waxing studio locations. 

waxing hair removal service

Attentive and Skilled Waxing Hair Removal Service

With Blue Pearl, no one is ever rushed through their treatment to make room for another client. Clients can relax in the skilled care of our staff with over three decades of experience in waxing, cosmetology, and esthetics. We’re the best for a reason!

Personalized Waxing Combinations

At Blue Pearl, we understand that everyone’s needs are different! It is our job to provide each client with a waxing service that caters to their unique skin type, hair texture, sensitivities, and appointment goals. We achieve this with our made-for-you waxing formulations. No two waxing treatments are ever alike with Blue Pearl!

Superior Skincare

We wholeheartedly believe that waxing should never cause a client pain or embarrassment. This is why we empower our clients with simple ways to care for their skin before, during, and after a wax. We would love to make your first experience with waxing a good one. Start your skincare journey with the best waxing hair removal service in Pennsylvania.

Find Your Perfect Waxing Hair Removal Service and Leave Glowing

Treat your entire body to an unforgettable, luxury waxing service.


Gain the confidence you seek for your next beach getaway with a full Brazilian (no hair anywhere) waxing treatment. Stay smooth in the front and back with this refreshing treatment for men and women!


Clean up the borders around your bikini line so you can stay totally carefree. This is the perfect maintenance wax for those who prefer groomed but not totally bare.


Enjoy our suite of facial and body waxing services for gentle hair removal on ears, brows, nose, upper lip, chin, arms, underarms, stomach, legs, back and chest.


Need a wax but feel salons cater only to women? At Blue Pearl, we tailor our waxes for inclusive results that help men stay ahead of their smooth skin goals. This includes full Brazilian attentive waxing services for men.


Blue Pearl Waxing honors a 24-hour cancellation policy. If you are not able to make your appointment due to illness, a scheduling conflict or for any other reason, we require notice in advance without charging for the missed appointment. 

Remember that many of our regular clients book out months in advance, so please understand it may be difficult to fit you in soon after your cancellation should you need to rebook your time slot.

Please call or text us at (570) 350-3845 to inform us of your cancellation ahead of your appointment time. 

Thank you!