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Benefits Of Bikini Waxing

Say goodbye to bikini line insecurities. Get the ultimate in comfort, confidence, and aftercare tips from our discreet and gentle bikini waxing services. Our waxing professionals are ready to assist with a made-for-you waxing formulation sensitive to your skin needs, hair type, and waxing goals. Put your mind at ease and book a wax for your next beach vacation or as a just-because service. You deserve a great wax! 

luxury bikini wax in Kingston Pennsylvania


— $50

GLUTES —  $20

Bikini is all about border maintenance. Get that barely there look in the front or opt for something more effortless and clean up just the bikini line. The wax includes the area from the hip crease and out to a bit of the inner thigh if necessary. Blue Pearl’s signature hard waxes are used for this treatment.

Blue Pearl Hard Waxes
White Tea | Green Tea | Charcoal | Rose | White Chocolate | Barbero Steel | Wild Cherry with Vitamin E


Avoid hot tubs, hot showers, pools, and anything else that may further irritate your freshly-waxed skin for the first 24 hours after your wax. Soft, gentle underwear fabrics are less likely to cause discomfort after treatment. Freshly waxed skin tends to like a little breathing room, so avoid heavy lotions. So when you’re in the shower, begin exfoliating with a gentle cleansing soap and cool water three days after your wax to prevent ingrown hairs.

The Best Bikini Wax in Kingston

Experience gentle waxing for even the most sensitive areas of your body. With Blue Pearl luxury waxing services, you can stay beach ready or make bikini line touch-ups part of your regular self-care ritual. We love helping you feel good in your skin. Read some recent reviews from our happy return clients!