If Blue Pearl Waxing is known for one thing, it’s our discerning clients who return, time after time, for body waxing services. Thanks to our repeat customers, we now offer our incredible waxing in Dickson City! This new location is under the same owner management but will allow us to serve more clients in Northeastern Pennsylvania. So get ready! We’re excited to launch into the details. 

A Bit of History About the Making of Blue Pearl Waxing

Like the grit involved in making a pearl, we started as a small, one-woman business in 2014 that’s grown rapidly since our opening. We earned our client loyalty the old-fashioned way, through plenty of hard work and a singular focus on waxing. While other salons offer additional things like nail or hair services, we’ve always believed that our strength is in our specialty. And our clients would agree

Expect the Same Signature Experience With Body Waxing in Dickson City

Our Dickson City location will include the same menu of services, including Brazilian, bikini, body and facial waxing, and men’s waxing. Our innovative waxing approach is at the heart of Blue Pearl’s signature experience. Unlike traditional salons, Blue Pearl utilizes custom blends of hard and soft waxes tailored to our client’s specific needs. This unique combination ensures a gentle yet effective hair removal process, leaving skin smooth and silky with minimal discomfort. 

Going Beyond the Wax With Aftercare 

It’s no secret that Blue Pearl has an unwavering commitment to aftercare. Proper skincare is about maintaining smooth and radiant skin, and Blue Pearl offers tips on gentle exfoliation and the importance of moisturizing. At our waxing studios, we never rush clients through an appointment. A sparkling clean environment, relaxing private waxing rooms, and expert care are all standards you can expect from Blue Pearl, no matter the location.

Using Real Minerals, Beeswax, and Gentle Essential Oils in Our Treatments

Blue Pearl Waxing is also known for its emphasis on responsible skincare practices. Our waxes are free from harsh chemicals and irritants, ensuring a safe and gentle experience for all clients. That’s why we use real minerals, beeswax, and other ingredients that soothe the skin in our waxes, like coconut oil. Ask about our highly requested waxes, including Rose Hard Wax, Golden Quartz Soft Wax, and White Tea Hard Wax.

Committed to Serving Our Newest Clients in the Northeast!

The decision to expand our waxing in Dickson City is rooted in our desire to reach Northeast Pennsylvania with unparalleled waxing services. Situated in a prime location, the new salon is easily accessible for clients seeking professional waxing services in the area.

As Blue Pearl grows and expands, we hope you share our excitement for this second location. Help us celebrate and book your waxing appointment with Blue Pearl today!