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Benefits Of Brazilian Waxing

Bare what you want with the incredible, exfoliating benefits of a Brazilian wax. This service freshens up the front and back of your bikini area, and all that’s in between. Lift away coarse hair with an expertly applied hard wax that melts seamlessly and comfortably on the skin. Our Brazilian wax studio provides waxing services that are gentle enough for pregnant women.

Brazilian wax studio


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Looking for bare skin everywhere? This is your treatment. The Brazilian removes hair in the front and back of the bikini line and beyond. The wax includes the area from the hip crease to the top of the underwear line. Proceed with total confidence with this treatment that includes our hard wax, expertly applied and removed by a professional.

Blue Pearl Hard Waxes
White Tea | Green Tea | Charcoal | Rose | White Chocolate | Barbero Steel | Wild Cherry with Vitamin E


Avoid intimacy for two days after your Brazilian wax. We also recommend staying out of pools and hot tubs as chlorine or bacteria can further irritate your skin. Wash the waxed area gently with mild soap and cool water. Use gentle exfoliation three days after treatment to prevent ingrown hairs.

Expert Brazilian Wax Studio
in NE Pennsylvania

Whether it’s for self-care or vacation pampering, you can trust Blue Pearl Brazilian wax studio with your most sensitive skin. Blue Pearl’s waxing combinations are unique and attentive to skin type and sensitivities, which means they are gentle on even the most intimate areas of your body.

Plus, we won’t leave you guessing on how to care for yourself before, during, and after your treatment. Book with us and benefit from our approachable waxing specialists who can answer any questions about aftercare, waxing frequency, or exfoliation.