I’ve Never Had A Brazilian Or Bikini Wax Before. Will Waxing Hurt?

At Blue Pearl, we do everything in our power to make this a comfortable and easy experience. With our highly trained waxing professionals, most clients only experience a mild two to three seconds of stinging or discomfort during a wax. 

Liza closely trains our waxing experts to ensure that each client is treated with the ultimate care and concern. You should never dread or fear a waxing appointment. Our goal is to make this a self-care experience that is safe, enjoyable, and repeatable. 

Comfort is our utmost priority in your waxing experience. Beyond mild irritation or redness to the skin, there should be no lingering pain or discomfort from a wax. Please talk to your Blue Pearl waxing professional if you are uncomfortable or scared about your treatment. We will do everything we can to transform your expectations around a comfortable wax.

Can I Receive A Waxing Service During My Period?

Yes, you can! However, clients typically experience more skin sensitivity during this time while receiving a waxing service.

Can I Receive A Waxing Service While Pregnant?

We do offer gentle services to pregnant women who feel comfortable being waxed. However, it is best to speak to your doctor first to confirm that you can receive a waxing service while pregnant.

Is There An Age Limit To Receiving A Waxing Service?

Legally, there is no minimum age to receive a waxing service. However, individuals who are under 17 years of age should be accompanied by a legal parent or guardian to receive a waxing service.

Is Waxing Better Than Laser Hair Removal?

We view waxing as a lower-maintenance and better form of hair removal for a few reasons. Our clients often report unsuccessful laser hair removal treatments and come to us when their hair has grown back. 

Laser hair removal requires repeat sessions every six to eight weeks. Often, these sessions are expensive and can cost 10x more than a waxing session. Once laser hair removal treatments stop, the hair grows back, and the client is frustrated with wasting a lot of time and money.

Waxing is much less painful than laser hair removal and clients may only experience a mild two to three seconds of discomfort. Some clients even view it as a therapeutic or relaxing experience. Additionally, the body usually grows more accustomed to being waxed, and the right exfoliation aftercare leads to fewer ingrown hairs over time.

Should I Shave Or Trim Before A Wax? And How Long Should My Hair Be?

Please do not shave before your appointment. Ideally, you should wait four weeks after shaving before receiving a waxing service to allow for ample hair growth. The longer the hair, the more effective the waxing service.

Please note we will not wax any client who has less than one quarter (1/4) inch of hair growth in the area being waxed. Longer than a quarter of an inch is fine, but hair shorter than this is difficult for our professionals to wax. The longer the better! Be patient during the hair growth process, do not shave, and come back to see us in a few more weeks when your hair is longer.

Should I Exfoliate Before My Waxing Service?

Please do not exfoliate before a waxing service. This will make your skin more sensitive and irritated before being waxed. Normal washing of the area to be waxed is ok, but exfoliation will break the hair and make the waxing service much less effective.

Should I Take Any Over-The-Counter Pain Relievers Before My Service?

Typically, this is not necessary before a waxing service. Our waxing professionals are highly trained in delivering a gentle and comfortable experience. A mild two to three seconds of discomfort or stinging is all you should expect while the hair is being removed, but we advise you to do what makes you feel comfortable.

Why Does A Men’s Brazilian Cost More Than A Women’s Brazilian?

A men’s Brazilian wax takes extra time and attention to ensure the highest quality and precision. The male anatomy is more external, so it takes extra skill and time for our waxing professionals to get the waxing service right. This is reflected in the extra cost.


What If I Have Psoriasis, Eczema, Or Another Sensitive Skin Condition? Can I Still Get Waxed?

Please check with your doctor about any skin conditions you have before getting waxed. Discuss your skin condition with our waxing professionals before your appointment to ensure extra sensitivity during your service. We reserve the right to stop any service should we notice any complications during the treatment.

Why Do I Need To Disclose What Medications I’m Taking/Topicals I’m Using On my Skin?

Waxing can increase skin sensitivity. If you use skin peels, Retinoids, Accutane, or any other product that may thin the top layer, disclose this before your waxing treatment. This is especially relevant for any facial waxing. Our waxers are careful to work around any concerns you have, so don’t hesitate to ask.

How Long Does A Typical Appointment Take?

The length of your appointment depends on the service you choose. For example, an eyebrow service is quick and can take only 10 minutes, while a Brazilian service can take up to 30 or 45 minutes. However, our priority is to provide you with the highest quality service. Our waxing professionals will never rush you through an appointment. We will spend the necessary time to provide the highest level of service.

What Should I Wear?

Loose, breathable, and comfortable clothing is best to wear during the service. Think soft cotton or linens and avoid nylon, lace, and tight-fitting clothing that irritate or cause skin friction.


How Often Should I Wax?

We see our regular clients somewhere between every six to eight weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows. As you keep waxing, you will notice your hair texture changing, becoming more fine and even easier to remove. This is the true benefit of waxing.

What Is An Ingrown Hair?

An ingrown hair occurs when a hair that’s been removed starts to grow back and curves into the skin. This occurs most often due to the build-up of dead skin, lack of exfoliation, and excessive shaving. This is why waxing is the best alternative to shaving to prevent ingrown hair. Waxing can help prevent dead skin buildup during shaving that may cause ingrown hair.

Why Should I Avoid Shaving Between Appointments?

Every hair follicle has a lifespan. When you start waxing, your body will respond by shortening the lifespan of the hair follicle, and the hair will grow back thinner and more slowly. This makes it even easier to remove this same hair again and again. On the other hand, when you shave, your hair follicles are strengthened, and the hair instead returns coarser and more resistant to removal. This causes more discomfort when the hair is removed through other means like waxing. This is why we discourage our clients from shaving in between waxes. It actually makes the hair harder and more painful to remove. Shaving also has the unfortunate effect of producing more ingrown hairs than waxing.

How Should I Exfoliate?

The human body sheds about 30 to 40 thousand dead skin cells daily. This is also one of the leading causes of ingrown hair. Exfoliation is the best remedy for this. Start exfoliating the waxed area 72 hours after your wax to reduce the chances of developing ingrown hairs.

To exfoliate properly, wash the waxed area using cool water and mild soap to limit irritation. This is an important step! Exfoliate the waxed area up to two or three times a week for about 10 to 15 seconds while showering. Stop exfoliating the area once your hair growth reaches a quarter of an inch, or shortly before your next waxing appointment.

Brazilian Wax Aftercare: What Are The Steps?

Soothing topicals like aloe vera gel and coconut oil can help to calm tender skin after a wax. The most important thing to remember is not to further irritate your skin with hot water or harsh soaps and to avoid sexual activity for 48 hours, especially for those new to waxing.

Start exfoliating the waxed area 72 hours after your wax for about 10 to 15 seconds to reduce the likelihood of developing ingrown hairs. Wash the waxed area when you shower using cool water and mild soap. Stop exfoliating once the hair grows to a quarter of an inch when you return for your next waxing appointment. 

Why Do I Have Darkness On My Skin In Certain Areas?

Noticing darkness or skin discoloration in areas you want to wax is from a buildup of dead skin cells and a lack of exfoliation. Waxing can help to lessen skin discoloration over time!

I Exfoliate But Still Experience Ingrown Hairs. Why Is This?

The products you are using to exfoliate your skin may not contain the right ingredients for optimal exfoliation. Ask our trained professionals to recommend the right products to use!

Should Men Follow The Same Tips Before Service On Shaving/Trimming, Exfoliating, And Aftercare?

Yes. Those who receive our men’s services should follow the same exact before-service and aftercare service suggestions as women.

Can I Swim In Either A Pool Or The Ocean After A Waxing Service?

We recommend waiting a minimum of 24 hours to swim in any body of water after a waxing service to protect your freshly waxed skin from bacteria and ensure that the chemicals or salts in the water do not irritate your skin.

Why Does My Skin Become Bumpy And Or Red After A Waxing Service?

This is the body’s natural reaction to a waxing service. Any swelling and irritation should reduce 24 hours after being waxed.


What Is Blue Pearl Wax?

A proprietary blend of effortlessly smooth, salon-grade wax tailored to your body. 

Hard Wax 

A hard wax is always used without a waxing strip. Blue Pearl’s unique formulas safeguard against irritation or dryness, melting on the skin comfortably and hardening into a thick, elastic removable wax. Hard wax is used most commonly on thick or coarse body hair but is always done gently.

Our menu of hard waxes:

Professional Blue Pearl Hard Wax

  • A thick and flexible wax
  • Great for coarse or short hair
  • Ideal for all skin types

White Tea Hard Wax

  • Infused with antioxidant white tea leaf extract
  • Great for sensitive skin and facial hair
  • Protects against irritation and redness
  • Great for medium to fine hair

Green Tea Hard Wax

  • Infused with antioxidant green tea extract
  • Great for medium to coarse hair
  • Ideal for all skin types

Charcoal Hard Wax

  • A thick, luxurious hard wax with purifying charcoal
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Ideal for men’s Brazilian waxing and facial hair

Rose Hard Wax

  • A highly-requested client wax
  • A creamy, resin-based hard wax
  • Infused with calming rose oil extract
  • Gentle on all skin types

Barbero Steel Hard Wax

  • A highly-requested client wax
  • A creamy, resin-based hard wax
  • Gentle on all skin types
  • Leaves skin radiant and healthy

White Chocolate Hard Wax

  • A pearlescent wax with a radiant and soft finish

  • Infuses treatment with a sweet vanilla scent

  • Removes fine hair from all skin types

Wild Cherry with Vitamin E Hard Wax

  • Infused with sweet aromas and skin-nourishing vitamin E

  • Ideal for medium to soft hair

  • Gentle on sensitive areas including the face, underarm, and bikini line

Creme Wax

A creme wax is a perfectly curated combination of hard and soft waxes, infused with soothing botanical extract, coconut oil, or beeswax to moisturize and protect the skin. Creme wax is used with strips for the delicate removal of fine hairs in areas where the skin is thinnest like on the brow or face.

Our menu of creme waxes:

Deluxe Creme Soft Wax

  • Vitamin E infused for hydration

  • Naturally exfoliates for a soft finish 

  • Ideal for thick, coarse or curly hair

Zinc Oxide Creme Soft Wax

  • Perfect for sensitive or irritated skin, including blemishes or acne

  • Vitamin-infused formula protects against rash and irritation

  • Ideal for fine to medium hair

Tea Tree Creme Soft Wax

  • Infused with purifying tea tree oil

  • Relaxes skin and hair follicles before removal

  • Ideal for hair of average coarseness

Lavender Creme Soft Wax

  • Infused with soothing lavender and chamomile 

  • Relaxes skin and hair follicles before removal 

  • Ideal for very sensitive skin and hair of average coarseness

Golden Quartz Creme Soft Wax

  • A highly-requested client wax
  • Infused with golden quartz mineral and coconut oil

  • Exfoliates skin for a smooth and radiant finish
  • Ideal for fine to medium hair

Amethyst Crystal Creme Soft Wax

  • Infused with amethyst mineral and coconut oil

  • Exfoliates skin with an iridescent, glowing finish

  • Gentle for all skin types