At Blue Pearl, we treat the full body wax like an art form. Specialized attention, training, and care is the focus of our owner-managed salon. The ingredients of our five-star services is a magic combination of botanically-infused waxes, fairly-priced services, and decades of industry experience. When you choose a waxing-only salon like Blue Pearl, you get the best in the business and here’s why. 

Different Wax Options for Your Full Body Wax

Using different types of wax depends on the application. A talented waxing professional knows what type of wax to use for someone’s skin texture, hair thickness, and hair length. Do you know the difference between hard and soft waxes?

Hard wax is commonly used on thick or coarse body hair and is great for Brazilian waxes. It dries flexibly on the skin, meaning it’s always removed without a waxing strip. Blue Pearl’s unique formulas safeguard against irritation or dryness, and melt comfortably onto the skin.

Soft or creme waxes, on the other hand, are a combination of hard and soft waxes. Creme wax is used with strips for the delicate removal of fine hairs in areas where the skin is thinnest, like on the brow or face.

The Less Service Offerings, the Better

Too many specialties (like too many options on a menu) can overwhelm waxing salons struggling to offer the same level of quality and attention to every client. That’s why at Blue Pearl, we focus on waxing-only services. Starting as a small business, our philosophy is to give our fullest to each client. That means we focus on being specialists. When it comes to waxing, we’re full service—from the stomach and back to underarms and face. That’s why you won’t find our salon offering hair blowouts or nail services. 

Get Extras From Your Waxing Service

A full body wax is much more than just another appointment. It’s time set aside to relax in a clean and soothing spa-like environment and indulge in some much-needed self-care. From Blue Pearl you can expect no missed spots or stray hairs and the best aftercare education around. 

Skincare is the foundation of everything we teach our clients, from how to take care of post-waxed skin to how many weeks to wait before their next wax. Our client’s comfort is a top priority at Blue Pearl, so we also emphasize the importance of exfoliation (to avoid ingrown hairs). That’s why we have an entire section of FAQs devoted to this topic on our website! 

Book Your Way to Full Body Wax Bliss 

At Blue Pearl, peak smoothness is our goal so you can slip into your favorite summer outfit or take that bachelorette party beach trip by storm. We’ve got the best waxing experts in the business and are excited to welcome you, whether it’s your first time or you’re a waxing pro. Book your next full body wax with Blue Pearl by calling (570) 350-3845 or filling out our contact form. We hope to see you soon!