At Blue Pearl, we commit to getting things perfect for the client. Good waxing salons require detailed work, and we pride ourselves on doing a thorough job and waxing gently enough for clients to want to return for any service. That includes our famous Brazilian waxing

Careful and attentive waxing services require a deep knowledge of skincare. Blue Pearl’s decade in the waxing industry means a dedication to the client experience that surpasses other salons. Explore what makes Blue Pearl the most trusted waxing salon in the Kingston, Pennsylvania region.

Waxing Salons With a Passion For Skincare

Knowing skin and hair types is what we do best. Instead of using a universal wax type or application approach, we tailor our services to every client’s needs. If you have sensitive skin, we apply our Lavender Creme Soft Wax infused with soothing lavender and chamomile and ideal for hair of average thickness. Our Zinc Oxide Creme Soft Wax is another perfect option for a rash-prone or easily inflamed client. 

The Right Wax and The Right Application

As a continuation of our knowledge of skincare, we know that not all wax types are created for the same reason. Hard and soft waxes vary on application, and many of our clients have experienced pain at other waxing salons due to misapplication of the wax. This could include the salon using the wrong kind of wax for their hair type (leading to missed hairs or breakage) or simply removing the wax incorrectly for their hair growth patterns.

At Blue Pearl, stay confident that your waxing specialists are trained and vetted by our experienced owner, Liza. We care about the client experience and ensure you’re in trusted hands before stepping into our treatment rooms. 

A Clean and Zen Environment

As far as waxing salons go, we go the extra mile to ensure our standards exceed the industry’s requirements. That’s why we wear single-use gloves for any waxing application, refrain from double-dipping spatulas or waxing sticks, clean surfaces or change bedding between clients, and wax in a regularly sanitized environment. Our approved methods for applying and removing wax allow the client to relax and enjoy the experience. Our treatment rooms are private, tastefully decorated, and equipped with soft lighting to promote relaxation. 

Waxing Salons That Provide The Utmost In Client Comfort 

At Blue Pearl, we desire your waxing experience to be a 10 out of 10. If you don’t experience this with us, we want to know about it! Getting regular client feedback through our Google reviews lets us track every service we provide. Our owner reads these herself and knows several of our return clients. We believe in offering only the best customer service with our waxes. 

Skincare: The Heart of Blue Pearl’s Success

Our passion for skincare drives our commitment to excellence. We strive to create a warm and inviting atmosphere where our clients feel pampered while achieving hair-free, radiant skin. Make an informed decision when choosing a waxing salon that aligns with your standards of service and skincare goals. Visit Blue Pearl, and we will guide you to healthier, more beautiful skin!