We all know how hard it is to stay on top of our self-care appointments. Sometimes it’s a full-time job! Getting a haircut is one thing, but remaining on a first-name basis with your gym while remembering to schedule your wax at regular intervals is tricky. It’s easy to forget, especially as we head into the winter months. But here’s why you’ll want to remember these waxing benefits, even as your tan lines fade and the weather cools. 

Stay True to Your Routines With These Waxing Benefits

Routines create stability in our lives–the good kind that promotes a feeling of ease, safety, and familiarity. When it comes to your winter routines, pay attention to your regular waxing appointment, even if you’ll spend less time at the pool. 

Hair growth happens in predictable cycles. Every four to six weeks, your hair reaches an appropriate length for waxing. Keeping up with this cycle is important for a few reasons. Hair follicles in your body are responsive to how you care for them. The more you shave, the more resistant your hair is to removal in texture and thickness. However, the more you wax, the thinner, easier, and less painful it is to pluck your hair from those follicles. So, by keeping your commitment to waxing, you get finer hair that is easier to remove.

Say Yes to Last-Minute Trips and Events Without Hesitation 

You can’t always predict the future. Spontaneous trips, for example, leave little time to fit in your regularly scheduled waxing appointment. A predictable cadence lowers stress and eliminates the burden of planning for the unexpected. It’s like the saying goes, “Your future self will thank you.”The same goes for waxing! So whether it’s as simple as freshening up those brows or going in for a full body wax, you can count on Blue Pearl. Be ready for that spur-of-the-moment girls’ trip!

Self-Care Doesn’t Need an Occasion (Ordinary Days Count)

Feeling fresh and good in your skin is a trend that never goes out of style. While a vacation is a great excuse to spring for a wax, waxing can also be a year-round way of treating yourself to services that make you feel exceptional. Self-care doesn’t need an occasion. Blue Pearl loves connecting without regulars and pampering you with a relaxing spa-like experience. Giving yourself the attention you deserve is as simple as picking up the phone and calling your waxing specialist. 

Combat Dull-Looking Winter Skin With Exfoliating Waxing Benefits

We all know how winter skin can be—dry, chapped, and a little lifeless. Hydration is an even greater challenge during extreme temperature changes, especially if you spend much time around heaters or fireplaces. Exfoliation is that essential waxing benefit that enables the skin to drink moisture by shedding layers of dry skin. Keeping regular cell turnover with your skin results in radiant, brighter-looking skin. For this reason, if you are questioning whether waxing is worth it in the winter, we say yes!

Feel Sexy All Year With Blue Pearl

We love making our clients feel happy and confident in every season. Request your favorite hard or soft wax at your next appointment! We include soothing aromatherapy elements in our wax treatments or offer scent-free waxes if you’re sensitive to aromas. Our waxes include a high level of personalization, so you don’t have to worry about missed spots or being rushed through your service. We take our time to maximize your self-care experience. Book with Blue Pearl Waxing to secure your spot on our books and treat yourself to the fullest measure of relaxation, even in winter.