We’ve known it for a while, but the demand for a great body wax for men is rising. Some of our most popular services for men include chest and back waxing, but we offer Brazilians for men, also. But to share what makes Blue Pearl’s waxing services different for men, let’s clear up some rumors first. 

Myths About Waxing For First-Timers

With Blue Pearl, you’ll never get a generic service like at other salons. Waxing often gets a bad reputation when client sensitivities are overlooked or waxers at other salons remove strips incorrectly or use the wrong type of wax. This can cause the client pain and discomfort and perpetuate the “waxing is painful” myth. This often scares first-time waxers away from trying it, especially men. 

But here are the facts about the real benefits of waxing for men: 

  • Waxing is sanitary and private (no one else is in the room but you and your waxer)
  • Waxing is not a “feminine thing”. We have specific body waxes formulated with men’s skin in mind!
  • Waxing aftercare steps are the same for both men and women. Follow them closely and prevent ingrown hairs after your wax! 

Our Waxes Go Where Men Can’t Reach With A Razor 

More men are discovering the amazing benefits of waxing. For men, problem areas with hair regrowth tend to reside in hard-to-reach places, including the back and upper shoulders. Instead of shaving, men can experience the smoother results of a body wax for men. This means less itchy stubble, ingrown hairs, or missed spots from using a razor. Instead, you’re left with a silky, clean finish and a spa-like experience. 

Our Custom Waxing Formulas Have Men’s Needs in Mind 

Blue Pearl aims to create a spa-like experience for every wax. This means a diverse menu of scented and unscented waxes infused with nourishing botanicals and hydrating ingredients to treat your skin right. Men’s skin can be just as sensitive as women’s, which means we are equally as careful while waxing men. 

Some of the most popular waxing infusions men request include our Barbero Steel Hard Wax, specifically designed for men’s skin. This creamy,resin-based wax includes beeswax and coconut oil and is great for the ears, chest, and neck. 

Our charcoal hard wax is another favorite of our male clients. This thick and luxurious hard wax is infused with skin-purifying charcoal elements to soothe and replenish the skin. This wax is used on more sensitive body areas, including for Brazilian waxing. 

We Offer Discreet and Professional Brazilian Waxes For Men  

Waxing the back and shoulders is one thing, but a Brazilian is a much more extensive service. For a first-time waxer, knowledge is power, so we’re dipping into the details of this service for men. 

The male anatomy is much different, meaning you can expect a Brazilian wax for men to take longer than it does for women. This is also reflected in the price of the wax itself, as it takes longer for our waxing specialists to provide a thorough and gentle service. 

That said, men who request a Brazilian wax are often surprised at the results and return regularly for this service. No missed spots and exceptional results. During a Brazilian, the front and back of the pubic area are waxed during a Brazilian, which includes from the top of the underwear line to between the cheeks and on both sides of each hip crease. 

This is our most extensive available for intimate waxing for either men or women and favored by clients who prefer to go completely hairless. Unfortunately, many salons are not trained in Brazilian waxing men and do not offer the service, which makes this a unique specialty of Blue Pearl Waxing. 

Get The Wax You Deserve With Blue Pearl

Whether you’re seeking a body wax for men or are just checking out our waxing services in general, regardless of gender, everyone deserves a great wax! Explore our five-star reviews like this one from our client, Robert A., and see for yourself what others are saying about their experience with Blue Pearl:

“Liza is, by far, the best in her field. Without fail, the service is immaculate. The level of awareness, and personality is unrivaled! I feel like a new person each, and every time I visit. I am grateful for places like this, and people like her!”

You’ll soon see why Blue Pearl is worth a try for your first or return waxing appointment!  Schedule your next wax with us.