For incredibly smooth skin, there are a few trade secrets we’re happy to share. Achieving blissfully soft skin means following a few easy but important steps after your wax. Aftercare is a top passion at Blue Pearl Waxing because clients are happier and more comfortable when they treat their skin well. So, if you’re wondering ‘how long does a wax last’ read on to find out more! 

How Long Does a Wax Last?

Waxing salons differ on when they recommend a client return for waxing, but at Blue Pearl, we see our regulars somewhere between every six to eight weekends, depending on their hair growth patterns. Sometimes, it can be as soon as four weeks. The texture of the hair changes with waxing, which may become finer and slower to regrow over time, which is one of the benefits of waxing. 

If you need help knowing how fast your hair grows, start by noticing the length of your hair a few weeks out. Blue Pearl suggests waiting until hair is at least a quarter inch or more before returning for another wax. Longer hair can always be trimmed, but we prefer our clients not to shave or trim their hair before coming in, as it can make it more difficult for our professionals to wax. 

Moisture Is the Key Ingredient to Extending Your Wax

Nothing is so beautiful, radiant, and youthful as pump, moisturized skin. Moisture is behind most of our post-waxing recommendations at Blue Pearl. When waxing your skin, a superficial layer of dead skin is removed to reveal the brighter, fresher skin beneath. However, this rejuvenated skin layer takes a few days to recover its natural moisture barrier to the environment. 

One of the best ways to protect this skin is to avoid irritants in itchy fabrics, scented products, or harsh hot water and to use an unscented, gentle lotion after showering or washing the waxed area. Staying internally hydrated by drinking water is also a good idea during this time.

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate

Compared to other beauty salons or waxing studios, we provide highly specific instructions to every client on how to exfoliate their skin after a wax. This is intentional because it prevents ingrown hairs and pain associated with post-waxed skin. We want clients to feel cared for and comfortable at home after their wax and equip them with step-by-step instructions upon leaving our studio.

  • Start exfoliating the waxed area 72 hours after your wax.
  • Wash the waxed area with moderately warm water and mild soap, and avoid scrubbing too harshly.
  • Exfoliate two or three times weekly in the shower or bath.
  • Stop exfoliating once your hair is ¼ of an inch, and schedule another waxing appointment.

Resist the Temptation to Shave 

If this is your first time waxing, shaving might be tempting when you feel stubble breaking through your skin. It is very important not to do so for a few reasons. If you want to see progress with your waxing regimen, shaving between waxes will only encourage the hair to become coarser and more resistant to removal by waxing

Let your hair regrow without intervention, and when it’s time, wax again. This will also discourage trapped hairs, known as ingrown hairs, which are more common among people who regularly shave. Exfoliate regularly and be patient! The results will pay off in smoother skin and finer hair regrowth from waxing. 

Repeat by Scheduling Regular Waxes at Blue Pearl 

Waxing is not just about hair removal but overall skin health and maintenance. Putting your skincare as a top priority means learning about anything from how long does a wax last to maintaining a regular waxing schedule. Waxing proves again over time to be the most effective hair removal solution with long-term benefits. Explore our full suite of waxing services for men and women alike, and stay on top of your self-care appointments to get the absolute most from your wax. You can send us a request online or call (570) 350-3845 to set up your next wax with us!