Loving your skin begins with taking supremely good care of the basics. Our skin goes everywhere with us and when it’s smooth, nourished, and happy, we feel the same. But healthy, glowing skin doesn’t happen by accident. We need to take time to nourish it! Whether you consider regular waxing part of your skincare ritual or not, here are five essential post-wax care tips, from wearing the right fabrics and avoiding irritants to topicals for easing tender skin and exfoliating for glowing, revitalized results. 

Avoid Products That Dry Out or Irritate The Skin

Many of us wax more frequently in warmer climates. And while the humidity is a nice boost for your skin, it’s not enough to rely on the weather to take care of your freshly waxed skin. By waxing, the skin is prompted to turn over new cells more rapidly, exposing a new layer to the typical environmental stressors like heat, sunlight, and pollution from the air. So you’ll want to treat your newly waxed skin as you would for a baby’s skin. 

Keep it out of the sun for prolonged periods and when you do get outside, use sunscreen! A bit of stinging is normal after a wax, even if you apply gentle things on the skin. Avoid putting harsh stripping soaps, retinol, or skin peels on after you wax, especially on your face.

For Good Post-Wax Care, Favor Soft and Breathable Fabrics 

We know that brand-new bikini is calling your name, but don’t slip into it too quickly after a wax. You’ll want to give your skin a few days of post-wax care to adjust to its new environment, and clothing makes a difference. Avoid thick, grippy fabrics common to workout attire, including nylon, polyester, and spandex. Opt for comfy, loose-fitting shorts or briefs if you had a bikini wax or a Brazilian. And avoid heavily textured fabrics like lace for a few days, in favor of something breathable like silk. We love fabrics like soft linens, washed cotton, and silks that don’t cause friction or suffocate your freshly waxed skin. If you pamper your skin and treat it delicately, you can drop right back into your downward dog yoga pose in a few short days.

Say ‘No Thank You’ to Hot Showers, Saunas, or Pools 

We hate to miss a good pool party, it’s crucial to give your skin a break during the first 24 to 48 hours of post wax care. Pools and hot tubs contain chlorine that can shock and irritate post-wax skin. Waxing also opens the pores, so you’ll want to keep skin dry and moisturized. This helps to restore the skin’s natural barrier against bacteria. Turn the temperature of the shower down just a notch and gently exfoliate with a cleansing soap three days post wax to keep ingrown hairs at bay. Don’t worry, you’ll be swimming laps again in no time!

Indulge in Post Wax Care For Your Skin With Coconut Oil or Aloe

Everyone’s skin is different. While some may hardly notice side effects from a wax, others may feel a bit rashy or tender a few days afterward. But not to worry, a little extra skin TLC will help alleviate this. We always say the simpler, the better. Avoid heavy lotions or anything scented with perfumes that could further irritate the skin. Instead, we recommend coconut oil or aloe to provide a cooling, luxurious sensation on the skin and to prevent it from catching on clothing. 

Create A Gentle Exfoliation Ritual In The Shower 

Last but not least: our biggest tip is to give you the incredibly smooth results you look forward to after every wax. It’s extremely important to exfoliate three days after your wax. Not skipping this step helps prevent ingrown hairs and keeps your pores happy and those itchy red bumps at bay. No need to use any harsh salt scrubs or exfoliating products. All you need to lather up with is a gentle cleanser and washcloth. Keep up this habit every time you shower to prolong the life of your wax and keep the results of your softer skin post-waxing.

Blue Pearl Waxing for When You Need That “Something Extra”

Sometimes a warm bath or a new scented candle isn’t enough in the self-care department. We’ve got just the thing! Try our amethyst-mineral-infused soft wax to clean up those brows. Or a gently scented wax with a creamy rose oil extract to melt your cares. Our waxing services are gentle for all skin types because we formulate a unique combination of hard and soft waxes suited to your skin tone, concerns, and treatment needs. Talk to one of our waxing specialists and slip into some much-needed self-care by booking a waxing service with us today!