We would not be Blue Pearl without sharing our excitement about what we know and love most: waxing! It’s a win if we can also dispel a few myths and stigmas. It’s natural to talk about the dozens of waxing services for women, but we have plenty of services that aren’t “just for the girls.” Our male clients are some of our most loyal because they know both men and women have smooth skin goals. Waxing is universal, and did you know that manscaping is in?

Manscaping is on the Rise

Manscaping is a quirky term for an essential service. It refers to that checklist of areas men like to keep well groomed, whether trimming nose hairs, back and chest waxing, or waxing the legs, eyebrows, or groin.

As sales of men’s grooming tools and products have skyrocketed in the last decade, so has skincare for men. In data from June 2017, 59% of men ages 18 to 29 said they regularly shaved or trimmed their body hair (from a sample size of over a thousand U.S. men). The figure is likely even higher now. 

Back, Neck, Shoulders, and Even Brazilians Address Hard-to-Reach Places

Unfortunately, body hair grows everywhere, making reaching it with a razor or beard trimmer difficult. If you’ve got more than one place to shave, regular waxing is a great option. One common fact about waxing that men have yet to hear is that hair regrowth is slower and less coarse with waxing versus shaving. 

At expert body waxing salons like Blue Pearl, we offer unique hard and soft wax formulations that cater to your skin and hair types, making the experience more comfortable. Our Barbero Steel and Charcoal Wax combinations are especially good at removing stubborn hair that’s coarsened over time from shaving. 

Another distinctive Blue Pearl offers is our discreet Brazilian waxing service for men. While many salons offer this service only to men, we know the truth: men also deserve a game-changing wax. 

Are You a Competitive Athlete? Get Full Body Waxing With Blue Pearl 

Beyond a clean shave, are you looking for a chance to shave some time off your PR in the pool or on a bike? Then, opt for full-body waxing. Our services are popular with competitive weightlifters, swimmers, cyclists, and others seeking that ‘clean-shaven’ look and feel for their sport. No more twisting around in the mirror to try and get every patch and missed spot. Don’t let body hair or a pesky ingrown from shaving get in the way of the thing you love the most! 

For Effortless Manscaping With Zero Missed Spots, Trust Blue Pearl Waxing

Check out our helpful FAQs for pre-and-post waxing tips, especially if you’re considering waxing for the first time! If you want the smoothest possible skin, don’t rely on shaving to get you there. Try a wax with Blue Pearl and book your appointment now by contacting us. Psst…don’t forget to check out our recent 5-star reviews!