Is it summer yet? In anticipation of our favorite season (beach season), we’ve got an explainer on the difference between our two most popular luxury waxes: the bikini vs. Brazilian wax. Whether you like a conservative wax or that barely-there look, we can help you achieve the perfect wax for your summer plans. So prepare to lay in the sun without a care!

Barely There or Some Hair? Going Extensive or Minimal With Your Wax

The bikini wax is a great place to start for any first-time waxer. Bikini lines are all about border maintenance—so you can keep clean lines around your swimsuit bottoms all summer. This wax covers the area from the hip crease out to a bit of the inner thigh if necessary. Think of this wax as  caring for the front of your body without taking everything off like a Brazilian wax. 

And it isn’t just for bikini season! A bikini wax is a great year-round maintenance service for our regular clients. You’ll leave after every Blue Pearl treatment with specific instructions on exfoliating to prevent ingrown hairs. Our goal is to keep your skin happy the whole time. 

Unlike a bikini wax, a Brazilian wax helps you bare more skin everywhere. The coverage area includes the front and back of your bikini line and everything in between. From the top of your bikini bottoms to both hip creases, hair is removed so you can proceed confidently in your swimwear or underwear. 

A Bikini vs. Brazilian Wax Uses Different Types of Hard Waxes 

The types of wax Blue Pearl waxing specialists use for your bikini and Brazilian wax depend on your skin and hair type. We blend our hard and soft waxes to give you a tailored experience for your skin’s needs while expertly lifting the hair away. 

Typically we use our signature Blue Pearl Hard Wax for bikini lines. This universal hard wax, used without a waxing strip, is great for removing coarse or short hair. Another favorite client wax is our Wild Cherry Hard Wax, infused with Vitamin E for its skin-loving properties and smooth finish. 

With Brazilian waxing, all of the hair in the coverage area is removed. We don’t leave missed spots like at other salons you may have experienced! So for these waxes, we use our Charcoal Hard Wax, with elements of purifying charcoal, and our Rose Hard Wax. Both are great for Brazilians and gentle with all skin types.  

Pricing Reflects Extra Care in Time and Attention 

Since bikini and Brazilian waxes are different services, the pricing is reflected in the time spent for each wax. Blue Pearl’s bikini waxing starts at $45, while our Brazilian wax starts at $72 for women and $83 for men. The difference accounts for the time spent setting up the wax, applying the service, and the area covered during the service. 

Other salons may overcharge for the spa setting during your wax while not specializing in the actual treatment. Blue Pearl is proud to provide an excellent wax without the inflated price of most beauty spas and esthetics businesses.

Bikini vs. Brazilian Wax? You Choose at Blue Pearl

In our owner-managed boutique waxing studio, services like Brazilian and bikini waxing require extensive and expert training from our waxing practitioners. Since Blue Pearl isn’t your average waxing studio, our waxers are prepared to meet your needs and make you comfortable during every service. So request a wax you like at your next booking, or try us out for the first time by making your appointment today!