Waxing is pretty simple. But what sets great full-body waxing apart from the rest is always expertise. With over 30 years of experience trying different waxing techniques, formulas, and hair removal methods, Blue Pearl’s salon owner, Liza, found the ultimate balance between effective and comfortable hair removal. Then she opened her own waxing business. If you haven’t had a Blue Pearl wax before, you’re in for a treat. While you’re browsing our five-star services, here are some of the highlights that set our boutique, owner-managed studio apart. 

Fair Pricing and Attentive Full-Body Waxing 

What you see is what you get with Blue Pearl. No frills or gimmicks, and absolutely nothing costs more than it should. We know the quality of every service, which comes with a clean, comfortable, and private treatment room. Our reviews and ratings speak to the quality of each client’s experience with Blue Pearl. 

Thanks to our small business owner, we work hard to give everyone top-tier service without the overpriced menu other salons provide. If you have questions or suggestions or want something different next time, we are here to help you have the best wax possible! 

Clear Steps and Education for Aftercare

We are a small waxing salon and this means we specialize in attentive service. Every one of our waxing professionals is equipped to help you get the best results from your wax with aftercare instructions. Aftercare is the last step to caring for your skin after your wax. Instead of finishing your wax and sending you on your way, our waxing professionals will share exactly what to do and how to treat freshly waxed skin (pro tip: no hot tub for 24 hours, heavy lotions, or scratchy fabrics). 

Emphasis on Client Comfort and Needs

Many other salons use hard wax for every type of treatment. This universal approach is common in the industry. Still, it can lead to painful experiences around waxing, particularly if a softer, gentler wax is not applied to tender areas on the brow, face, or sensitive skin. Blue Pearl is big on comfort! We want our clients in a relaxed state to receive our services. Therefore, waxing should not be painful beyond a few seconds of mild stinging after removing the wax strip. 

Our boutique approach to formulating one-time specific waxes means that each client’s skin and hair type are prepared for a more effective waxing treatment. In addition, full removal of hair at the root and proper exfoliation tends to reduce ingrown hairs, adding to the comfort and maintenance of post-waxed skin. If you have questions about your service or aftercare steps, call the salon at (570) 350-3845 or ask your waxing professional at your appointment.

The Best Full-Body Waxing Services Around

With the best waxing service in Pennsylvania, a boutique setting, and expert proprietary methods for getting a clean, effortless wax, we couldn’t be happier to make you comfortable for your next full-body waxing service. We book 100 percent of our appointments over the phone, but please fill out this contact form, and you will hear back from us about availability. We can’t wait for you to have the luxury Blue Pearl experience everyone is talking about!