Waxing is our favorite art form. We love it when our clients experience the glow-up of a great wax for the first time. Ditching the razor has many benefits, but the difference between large waxing franchises and the boutique experience might need clarification. If you’re looking for a comfortable and clean waxing studio experience, here’s how to find a wax specialist you can trust.

The Power of Reviews Can Help Find Your Wax Specialist

The words of a friend or a stranger go a long way in today’s world of many options. We always recommend researching before trying a new waxing salon, which means reading online reviews! Do pay attention to the dates the review was left because this will show the current state of services (like this, a real review from a loyal Blue Pearl customer!). Reviews show the good and the bad of waxing services, making it easier to avoid a negative experience with waxing.

Favor Owner-Managed Salons

Waxing salon owners and managers who focus on the quality of services over the volume of clients they see daily are what you’re looking for in a wax specialist. Large chain waxing franchises can’t compete with a boutique, locally-owned salon’s quality of service. In general, small business owners are more reliant on return customers. Rather than relying on name recognition to get people through the door, they focus on creating an experience that welcomes the same customer back, time after time. This focus on customer service and loyalty creates a much more bespoke, elevated experience than being rushed through an appointment to make space for the next customer.

Look for Clean Surroundings and Safe Methods

Cleanliness is key to a great waxing experience. A clean-swept environment free of clutter is always a welcome sight for your first waxing appointment at a new salon. Your wax specialist should discard waxing sticks after every waxing application regardless of the type of wax used (no double-dipping!) This helps to maintain a sterile environment for all clients. 

Other considerations when looking for a clean and conscientious wax specialist:

  • A fresh set of gloves is put on for every client.
  • General neatness/appearance of the studio.
  • Private rooms for more discreet services, like Brazilian or bikini waxes. 
  • Sterilized surfaces free of dust, waxing residue, or hair.

A Good Sign: Custom Wax Blends

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times: waxing is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Our hair texture, waxing needs, and skin concerns are individual and bespoke waxing solutions like custom wax blends are the best solution. Having a wax specialist who remembers your name, knows your skin sensitivities and the types of wax that work best for your treatment is essential to having a great experience. 

Here’s a quick rundown on the amazing properties of two of our best tools against unruly hair: 

Hard Wax: Hard wax is gentle, especially for intimate and sensitive areas. This wax only adheres to the hair and solidifies on its own, so it is easily removed without a strip.

Soft Wax: Soft wax is meant for removing downy, finer hair, which makes it best for applications on the face and areas where the skin is thinnest. It is removed by adhering a small strip of cloth to the wax as it firms up. 

Learn more about our incredible botanically-infused custom waxing blends here.

Above All, a Great Wax Specialist is Experienced

The bottom line: look for a wax specialist with decades of experience in esthetics and skincare. Find someone who is sensitive to what each client needs, willing to take their time, and care about providing a great customer experience. If this sounds like the experience you want, consider trying Blue Pearl Waxing! We provide full body waxing for men and women, including our highly-requested Brazilian waxing that is hygienic and discreet, with incredibly smooth results. See our staff page to learn more about Liza and her highly-trained staff