Waxing for sports is the secret weapon of the best athletes looking for a competitive edge. Much of the success of any sport is mindset, and feeling your best is about self-care routines that prepare you for the competition. From cycling and swimming to distance running and powerlifting, athletes of all genders use waxing to showcase their physiques. Gain the results you’re looking for in speed, agility, or self-confidence with waxing for sports.

Shave Minutes Off Your Speed With Waxing

If you’re into cycling, you’ll want to hear this. Specialized bicycles set up a wind tunnel experiment to test whether cyclists who shaved their legs gained any time advantage in their speed. 

Over a 40-kilometer distance, several cyclists who participated in the wind tunnel experiment before and after shaving their legs trimmed, on average, over 70 seconds off their race times by going hairless. For some, it was up to a minute and a half! Talk about an advantage. But if speed isn’t your concern, there are other benefits to body waxing for sports. 

Apply Sunscreen to Arms and Legs Effortlessly 

Suppose your sport requires you to be in the sun or the water daily (think surfing, swimming, or distance running). Applying sunscreen is at the top of your priorities for skin protection. However, sunscreen application can feel sticky and annoying when you have body hair. If swiping on a lotion-based sunscreen feels like a chore, going bare with waxing might make all the difference for your daily routines. Leg, arm, or chest waxing, especially for men, promises to make sunscreen application a breeze. And increasing the contact of your skin with sunscreen promises more even protection against the sun’s strongest rays. 

Get Taped Up Without Hair Impeding Your Progress  

Athletes often need the support of athletic tape and supportive muscle rubs to perform at optimal levels. Unfortunately, body hair can get in the way of kinesiology tape, velcro straps, ointments, and other interventions athletes use to get pain relief or extra support. Waxing is one easy, cost-effective way to keep hair out of the way of these interventions to make your muscle maintenance much easier. Smooth legs and arms make the direct application of things like arnica, lotions, or pain-relieving gels much more effective to apply. 

Stay Cooler for the Season

If you live in a humid or sunny climate, even in the winter months you can work up a sweat. Keep cool without that extra fuzz on your arms and legs so you can easily slip out of the pool or into the sauna. Sweat less and improve your skin’s barrier through exfoliation by shedding dead skin cells to reveal your most radiant skin, even in winter.

Showcase Your Physique

If you’re getting competition-ready as a powerlifter or physique model, removing body hair is a practical way to edge out the competition. With waxing, the muscle groups appear sleeker and unimpeded by the shadow of body hair. Step onto the podium as your absolute best self, or prepare for the next CrossFit games by looking your sleekest with waxing. 

Waxing For Sports is One of Blue Pearl’s Specialties

You might not think of winter as the best time to showcase your skin, but the season for smooth skin is year-round at Blue Pearl Waxing. Whether you’re hitting the gym for the first time in January or have an important triathlon race coming up, prepare your body and your skin to be at its best. Book a wax with us. If our five-star reviews have anything to say about it, you’ll be happy you did